FOREGROUND: Angélica Teuta, The Language of Birds, 2012. Installation with audio. Dimensions variable. Commissioned and produced by AGYU. Wooden platform ‘wave,’ designed and fabricated by Brian Davis. Animal drawings by Lena Suksi. 2012 residency supported by AB Projects, Toronto. BACKGROUND: Mateo Rivano, Micro-Mundo / Micro World, 2012. Mixed media: wood, cardboard, lithographs, and found objects, 9 meters. Commissioned and produced by the AGYU. Wooden armature designed and constructed by Brian Davis. Residencies supported by AGYU in 2010 and Fundación Gilberto Alzate Avendaño, Bogotá in 2011 & 2012. Photograph courtesy: Art Gallery of York University. Photography: Michael Maranda

I am not there and I am not here.


This is a review of Jamelie Hassan’s retrospective At the Far Edge of Words (MOCCA) and the group exhibition Imaginary Homelands (AGYU) for the publication Daily Serving. It was published on September 25, 2012.

Ivan Jurakic Pylon 2012 Installation view / photo K.J. Bedford

TH&B 2: Post Industrial Strength


This review was written for Canadian Art, and was published in June, 2012

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Cavalcade: Becoming, Belonging, and the Return of the Gaze

Cavalcade: Becoming, Belonging, and the Return of the Gaze

This is an essay written for the group exhibition, Cavalcade, shown at Xpace Cultural Centre in 2010. This link also includes samples of the artists work and multiple views of the show.

Kazimir Malevich
Black Square, 1915Oil on canvas. 

Locating Malevich within the Time and Space of the Revolution

(pdf) Locating Malevich in the Time and Space of the revolution

This essay was written for Dot Tuer’s Politics of Painting Class at OCAD in March of 2009
Note: this essay is mainly a response to T.J. Clark and Susan Buck-Morss’ positions on Malevich, the black square, and the Russian Revolution.

Kelly Mark,
I Called Shotgun Infinity
When I Was Twelve,
source: http://www.ireallyshould.com/ICalledShotgunNeon2.html


Wynick Tuck Exhibition Proposal: Difference and Repetition

(mock proposal)

(pdf)Difference and Repetition

Written for Andrew Hunter’s class, Exhibitions: Processes, Procedures, Pragmatics at OCAD in the Fall of 2009

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